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Gravity examines the contemporary condition of the art object or artefact, including the relationship between maker, medium, place of production and point of dissemination. We are curious about how we can encounter the object, following the legacy of socially engaged practice.

A broken magnifying glass from Jocelyn Cammack
A butter dish from Michelle Atherton
A statue of Nefertiti from Julie Westerman
The antler of a young deer from Col McCormack
A still life by Van Huygens (c.16th) oil painting
A collection of gemstones from Esther Leslie
A piece of paper from Penny McCarthy
A plaster cast of the Laocoon from Andrew Sneddon
A space suit, worn by Charles Duke on the Apollo11 mission from Penny McCarthy
A vinyl record of David Bowie's cover version of Across the Universe from the album Young Americans (1974) from Jeremy Deller
The Reverse Side of a Painting by Jan Gilbrechts (c.16th) oil painting from Penny McCarthy
A glass bottle, said to contain a witch from Chloe Brown
The cover of Unknown Pleasures (1979), music by Joy Division, design by
Peter Saville from Martin Boyce
A table inlaid with gemstones from the Lady Lever collection, Liverpool from Becky Shaw
A video (on YouTube) of gig by the band Cabaret Voltaire, Sheffield, 1984. The video is the first example of gyroscopic camerawork by the artist Tony Hill from Simon Bill
A Japanese netsuke from Edmund de Waal
Moonmilk from Karla Black
A Portmeirion 'Magic' coffee set from Emma Talbot
A cardboard crown from Cathy Naden
A red plastic bucket from David Batchelor
A road sign in South Africa from Roger Palmer
A house in Sheffield from Synergy
A fresco by Giotto in Assisi from Alison Turnbull
A composite image of hop-pickers from Adam Chodzko
A puppet from Kim Pace
Model houses made by her son Francis-Baptiste Haselden when he was about ten years old from Sharon Kivland
A 35mm slide of a sunset (taken from a plane) that has been submerged in a tin of Tate and Lyle Golden Syrup from Adam Chodzko
A badge from a punk gig in Chesterfield in 1978 or 1979 from Neal Tait
A paperback copy of Let us Now Praise Famous Men by James Agee, with photographs by Walker Evans. First published in 1941 from Mark Durden
A Cambell's Soup Tin (tomato) from Dan Sturgis



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