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Penny works organizing Gravity. When she's not organizing Gavity and teaching, she works on her own artistic practice.

My current work examines the dissonances that occur when our experience of art is increasingly predominantly via the infinitude of the hall of mirrors of the web where it is impossible to identify digital material in terms of the time or place of making. I am currently working on drawings that 'retrieve' material from online archives to examine the notion of multiplicity by using the digital image as a score. In the labyrinth of the worldwide web, it seems that material nature or 'thingness' will be forgotten, devoured by time and technology. In the digital universe art has no material existence and each virtual instantiation can present exactly the same information with no degradation from one reproduction to the next. As material floats free of its original context, we cannot experience its substance, form, surroundings or original meaning. When I work with digital sources I think of my work as an act not just of restoration or retrieval, but also of reanimation. My practice re-positions the digital material through drawing and returns it to assume its place in the material world.