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Gravity is a developing cross-disciplinary research project in Fine Art at Sheffield Institute of the Arts in partnership with the Sheffield Galleries and Museums. Gravity examines the contemporary condition of the art object or artefact, including the relationship between maker, medium, place of production and point of dissemination. We are curious about how we can encounter the object, following the legacy of socially engaged practice. Socially engaged art practices made process and discourse the content of the work, fully unraveling the social ingredients of any object. Following this, how can we appraise a distinct thing without recourse to turning it into a text?

Through Gravity we hope to understand better how countless theories of the material world affect the object, but, at the same time, often leave it untouched, leaving us grasping for words to describe the affect that things have upon us. Gravity is currently led by Penny McCarthy, Andrew Sneddon, and Becky Shaw.



GRAVITY 2010-2011
Guests: Jeremy Deller, Edmund de Waal, Karla Black, Ian Kiaer, Simon Bill, Martin Boyce,  Lubaina Humid, Jocelyn Cammack, Kim Pace


GRAVITY 2011-12
Guests: David Batchelor, Roger Palmer, Alison Turnbull, Sarah Staton, Gareth Fisher, Keith Farquar, Emma Talbot, Cathy Naden (Forced Entertainment), Becky Shaw, Penny McCarthy


GRAVITY 2012-13
Atmosphere is still being programmed. Watch this space for updates!Guests: Rosalind Nashashibi, Adam Chodzko, Wendy McMurdo, Mark Durden (Common Culture), Robert Clark